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Photographer Gaetano Scollo

I am a Rochester, NY photographer specializing in wedding photojournalism, creatively directed portraits, Senior portraits and Boudoir photography. I'm perhaps best known for providing fun, irreverent, quirky, and beautiful photographed stories that celebrate strong emotional connections.
As your photographer, I like to say that I will take the best photographs of you that have ever been taken - or that will ever be taken again. Unless you hire me for a different session or event occurring some day in the future. In that case those photographs are the best.

Professional Photographers

I've always been fond of taking pictures, but I never had a plan to join the growing ranks of professional photographer in Rochester, NY. This story began in the 1998 when i took my first class of photography in Rome, Italy and I started to work for a photojournalism agency. Since 1998 I never stopped to take pictures around the world. In the late 2005 I decided to open a Studio in my native City in Italy, Gela and started to work in the wedding pictures industry.

In 2003 I decided to visit my brother in Rochester, NY and here I the most beautiful girl in the world that now is my wife. As recidence of Rochester I want to share my experience, my Italian passion and style with all of you.

 I Have traveled all over the world and I speak fluenty italian (mother Tongue), English, Spanish and France so 

I can help you to arrange and organize your wedding almost everywhere in the world.

Artist Statement

In my photography, I strive for uncluttered compositions where my subjects are isolated from distracting surroindings, As a results, viewers often see my photography as clean, natural, and contemporary. I'm content with those labels.


Thoughts my photographs, I share my interpreted view of the world. perhaps that's one reason why I'm so happy when I'm behind my camera. I find great satisfaction in capturing photographs of people and life.

Do not Hesitate to contact me for any information

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