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You’re still here, which could only mean one thing… saw something different. You saw stories that you connected with. Honest photos that made you FEEL something…and while you’ve seen other photographers work, this time…you felt something real. You don’t want traditional, or posey…you want relaxed and intentional..or as we like to call it…honest..and unfussy.

You think having a married couple shoot your wedding is pretty damn awesome…and if every guest at your wedding thought you were friends with your photographers…that would be even awesome-er. Because you’ll be relaxed in front the camera knowing that everything is being captured…not just how pretty the flowers are…but the raw moments when you saw your Dad cry for the first time in years… or the way your Grandpop still looks at your Grandma. You care about having timeless, artistic images that capture your day…and if it rains…and if the electricity goes out then you’ll build a fire and light some candles.

We think it’s great that you care…because we want you to! We don’t want you to book us because we’re local or we offered the best package…

We want you to want us.

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